A wedding thank you card shows your acknowledgment and appreciation for your guests’ attendance and/or gifts. Therefore, be sure to send out thank you cards to family and friends who sent you a wedding gift, anyone that participated in the wedding or planning process, your officiant and any vendor who helped make your day perfect.

Keep your wedding thank you cards simple and meaningful, by letting the person know why you are thankful and how they helped in creating your special day. We have a list of thank you wording below to help you write your thank you cards. Feel free to mix and match them 🙂

  • Words cannot express the joy that we feel remembering that you shared the beginning of our new life together. Thank you for your thoughtful gift.
  • We would like to send our sincerest thanks for your love, your support, your wonderful gifts and your prayers.
  • We would like to thank you for celebrating our joy and sharing our love. Your generosity and kindness are sincerely appreciated.
  • Thank You for adding to the joyful spirit of our wedding with your presence and gift. We hope you enjoyed the wedding as much as we did!
  • It means the whole world to us for having your presence on that Special Day. We want to thank you for all the lovely gifts and wonderful wishes.
  • Having you at our wedding was what made our day so special. Thanks for gracing us with your presence and of course, not forgetting the wonderful gift. Our wedding wouldn’t have been the same without your presence and blessings.
  • You brought joy to our day, warmth to our lives and happiness to our hearts. Your presence at our wedding has added much love to our special day. We sincerely appreciate and thank you for your very lovely wedding gift.
  • It means the world to us that we were able to share our special day with you. Thank you for being our support system, for loving us through all the ups and downs in life, for being our mentors and guides when we needed you most. You have helped make us who we are today and for that we are forever grateful. We will hold these memories in our hearts forever.
  • We would like to send our sincerest thanks for your thoughts, your prayers, your wonderful gifts and your presence in our lives. Our joy was complete because you were there to share in these priceless memories.
  • We would like to thank you for celebrating our joy and sharing our love. You will always be part of our fairy tale. Your generosity and kindness are sincerely appreciated.
  • Thank you to our wonderful family and friends for your love, support, and generosity. Our wedding day was indeed made so much more memorable because of your presence, your blessings and your loving thoughts. We just wanted to say thank you for being part of a very special day.
  • We had a wonderful time celebrating this momentous occasion with loved ones. Words are not enough to express the joy that we had from knowing that you were part of our big day. Thank you for your love and generous gift.
  • You are a big part of the reason why our wedding day was such a wonderful occasion for us! Thank you for your time and effort that you took to come and celebrate with us.
  • Thank you for being a part of our joy in such a special way. Please accept our sincere thanks for the thoughtful gift. We are so glad that you were able to witness this memorable day of ours.
  • With sincere appreciation, we both send thank you for your very lovely gift, thoughtful wishes, and sharing this special day with us.

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