FREE! 10 Must-Have Chalkboard Wedding Signs

As your wedding day approaches, you’ll shift from making big-picture decisions to putting together smaller details, like wedding decor. There are just too much things involving and we would like to take your load off a little by sending you some essential freebies. We’ve put together 10 Must-Have Wedding Signs for both Ceremony and Reception Day in lovely chalkboard theme.

Please feel free to download these signs and simply print them on a 10″x8″ White Cardstock to achieve the chalkboard effect. Hope you’ll like them 🙂 For more wedding stationery, please visit our SHOP

DOWNLOAD FREE SEATING SIGN     File size: 500kbFreeSeating

DOWNLOAD HASHTAG SIGN     File size: 500kbHashtag

DOWNLOAD POPCORN SIGN    File size: 500kbPopcorn

DOWNLOAD SWEET BAR SIGN    File size: 500kbSweetBar

DOWNLOAD GUESTBOOK SIGN    File size: 500kbGuestBook

DOWNLOAD CEREMONY SIGN    File size: 500kbCeremony

DOWNLOAD SELFIE SIGN    File size: 500kbSelfieStation

DOWNLOAD PHOTO BOOTH SIGN    File size: 500kbphotoBooth

DOWNLOAD RECEPTION SIGN    File size: 500kbReception

DOWNLOAD WELL WISHES SIGN    File size: 500kbWellWishes


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